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    Neo Splint(NS07A)
    Equipment used to fix the fracture site of the patient with fracture
    • Should be made of neoprene, a kind of synthetic rubber, not vinyl coating.
    • The splint for each part must be waterproof.
    • The inner of the splint is made of aluminum, and makes it able to fix the shape of the patient’s fractured area         appropriately.
    • The inside of the splint is made of neoprene, so there should be less discomfort at the fracture site.
    • X-RAY shooting must be possible.
    • The splint must be made of a washable material.
    • It is a Velcro-type product that does not require an elastic bandage, and must be easily attached and detached so that the treatment can be done quickly.
    • A portable bag that can hold splints (neosprint) must be included.
    • One of the leg splints must cover up including the foot, and the foot part must be bendable to cover the foot.
    • The product must be declared (permitted) for manufacturing (imported) medical devices.

    Splint size (±3cm)
    * 58cm for arm
    * 31cm for arm
    * 59cm for legs
    * 39.5cm for legs
    * 55cm for forearm
    * 88cm for both arms and legs

    • Arm splint L(1)
    • Arm splint S(1)
    • Leg Splint L(1)
    • Leg Splint S(1)
    • Forearm splint (1)
    • Arm/Leg Combination (1)
    • Storage bag (1)