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    Air Splint(AS75A)
    Equipment to fix the fracture site by injecting air into the pocket divided into each part
    • Composed of 1 set of 6 pieces for each part.
    • Manufactured with a zipper-type locking device for easy removal.
    • Must be possible to see through X-rays due to transparent vinyl material.
    • Valve type should be used to facilitate air administration and exhaust.
    • Must have a device to fix the air valve rod by rotating it after injecting air.
    • It must be a product that has been declared (permitted) for manufacturing (imported) medical devices.

    -Splint size (±3cm)
    * For arm: 81cm
    * For arm: 66cm
    * For wrist: 37cm
    * For legs: 92cm
    * For legs: 58cm
    * Ankle: 41cm
    -Bag size: 35 X 45 X 10cm (Width X Length X Height) (±3cm)
    -Weight: est. 1.56kg (±5%)

    • Air splint 6 types (1)
    • Carrying bag (1)