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    Fracture Splint(MES-BM01)
    Equipment used for patients with fracture in the bone limb area to fix the fracture site
    • Made of a polyethylene tarpaulin coating material that is easy to clean out blood or foreign substances.
    • X-ray should be possible with the equipment worn.
    • The product should be easy to use as it is composed of large/medium/small sizes.
    • The fastening strap is a velcro type for easy to binding and disassembling.
    • The inner side of the splint is made of a soft material and should not give force to the wound area.

    - Splint size:
    * Large : 78 X 37cm
    * Medium : 63 X 35cm
    * Small : 38 X 35cm

    • 3 types of Splints (1set)
    • Bag (1)