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    Traction Splint[TX30(ADULT)/TX50(CHILD)]
    Equipment that pulls and fixes the fractured part to prevent contraction in case of a fracture of the lower body/femur.
    • The splint should be made of light weight aluminum.
    • There must be 4 leg straps and 1 ankle strap.
    • An “S”-shaped hook for ankle must be attached.
    • After fixing, there must be a locking and unlocking device.
    • There must be a flexible support to support the thigh.
    • X-ray should be possible with the equipment attached.
    • Should have a storage bag to store the equipment.
    • Must be possible to purchase separately for adults or children.
    • It must be a product that has been declared (permitted) for manufacturing (imported) medical devices.

    Weight: TX30: 2kg (±5%)
    TX50: 1.8kg (±5%)
    - Product size:                     (L X W X H) (±3%)
    Unfolded TX30 136 X 22 X 18cm
    Folded TX30 90 X 22 X 18cm
    Unfolded TX50 118 X 18 X 17cm
    Folded TX50 80 X 18 X 17cm

    • Splint (1)
    • Bag (1)