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    Aluminum splint set(A SPLINT)
    Portable fracture splint to fix the fracture site.
    • It consists of 4 types in 1 set.
    • Light weight and waterproof.
    • Due to soft material, it is free to bend and fold, and it is easy to use and store.
    • Has excellent resilience and can be reused.
    • Easy to clean as it is coated with polyethylene material.
    • X-ray photography is possible with the splint fixed.
    • In some cases, it should be fixed by winding it with an elastic bandage.
    • Must be a product that has obtained an import item declaration from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

    Weight: 0.5kg
    - Product size:
    Ankle fixing splint 11 × 92㎝
    Wrist forearm fixation 11 × 46㎝
    Forearm fixing splint 11 × 23㎝
    Finger splint 4.7 × 9.5㎝

    • Ankle fixing splint 1ea
    • 1ea of ​​splint for fixing wrist forearm
    • Forearm fixing splint 1ea
    • Finger splint 1ea