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    Spinal Fixation Device(CBS-21)
    Equipment used to secure and rescue patients in car accidents or in narrow spaces.
    • As a vest-type fixing device, it should be able to fix the patient's spine and head at the same time.
    • Has a solid wood inside vertically so that the spine can be firmly fixed.
    • Forehead and chin straps should be included to secure the patient's head.
    • The patient strap is divided into three colors, and the plastic buckle must be a one-touch method that is convenient to use.
    • It should be available for children and pregnant women.
    • X-ray should be possible while wearing it.
    • It must be a product that has been declared (permitted) for manufacturing (imported) medical devices.

    • Size: 83.5×78.5×1 cm (unfolded) (±3%)
    • Fixing Pad: 64 X 18cm (±3%)
    • Weight: 3 kg (±5%)
    • Load weight: 159 kg

    • Main Unit (1)
    • Pad (1)
    • Forehead/chin strap (2)
    • Carrying bag (1)