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    Detachable Carbon stretcher(CR-SX18)
    Equipment for transportation of patient while protecting the patient's spine
    • Made of carbon fiber, so it must be light and sturdy.
    • Should be separated longitudinally so that the patient can be placed on a stretcher while protecting the patient's      spine.
    • The length of the stretcher must be adjustable according to the patient's height.
    • Should be easy to store and carry by folding it into half.
    • Must have 8 fixing pins on both sides, so a pin-type patient fixing strap can be used.
    • The stretcher's locking device can be opened by pressing one button and should not be easily released when        transporting the patient.
    • The length adjustment button is in latch pin type, so it is easy to use and can minimize damage.
    • The head of the stretcher is of a flat structure, so it must be possible to attach and use a head restraint.
    • X-ray, CT must be possible.
    • The handle part should be anti-skid.
    • A belt that can hold the patient must be included. (1 set of 3 types)
    • It should be possible to measure the patient's height. (Maximum measuring range: 190cm)

    • Material : Carbon Fiber
    • Color : Black
    • Basic length : 166cm (±10mm)
    • Minimum length : 119cm (±10mm) / Maximum length : 202cm (±10mm)
    • Width : 45cm (±10mm)
    • Stretcher (excluding belt) : 3.8kg (±0.2kg)
    • Detachable Head Fixer : 0.42kg (±0.02kg)
    • Loading weight : less than 250kg

    • Stretcher (1)
    • Safety belt 3types (1 set)
    • Detachable Head Fixer (Optional)