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    Automatic Defibrillator Trainer(NF1200-T2)
    Training equipment for automatic defibrillator education
    • All mannequins can be used for training
    • Provides 8 scenarios using the remote control
    • Provides the same operating mode as the automatic defibrillator (model name: NF1200).
    • Provides reusable practice pads.
    • Has an automatic function so that emergency medical personnel can use it safely and conveniently.
    • Major messages about the situation should be displayed in Korean.
    • Can use normal batteries.
    • CPR and electric shock protocols will be changed according to the 2005 New CPR Guidelines.

    • Battery                                                                                                                             * Type: Uses 6 regular batteries (size AA)
    • Product size: 220 x 260 x 70 mm (width x height x height)
    • Weight: about 1.8kg (when battery is installed)

    • Main body (1)
    • AA battery (6)
    • Educational defibrillation electrode (1)
    • Carrying bag (1)
    • User's Manual (1)