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    Automatic Defibrillator(NF1200)
    A medical device that resuscitates the heart of a patient with cardiac arrest through electric shock.
    • Efficient e-cube Biphasic method.
    • Has a monitoring function and a notification function for the attachment state of the defibrillation electrode.
    • Has a self-diagnosis function so that the device body can be checked for abnormalities. (Daily, weekly, monthly)
    • Has two-button automatic function for safe and convenient use at emergency sites.
    • The main message about the situation should be instructed in Korean.
    • CPR and electric shock protocols must have been changed according to the 2005 New CPR Guidelines.

    • Defibrillator
       * Operation method: semi-automatic
       * Output energy: 200J 50Ω default setting
       * Output Waveform: e-cube Biphasic
       * Voice guidance: detailed Korean voice message for electric shock and CPR
    • Battery
       * Type: 12V DC 4.2Ah Lithium Manganese Dioxide
       * Capacity: 200 times electric shock when first used or 4 hours of continuous operation available
    • Self-diagnosis: Automatic self-diagnosis when the battery is inserted
    • Product size: 220 x 260 x 70 mm (width x height x height)
    • Body weight: Approx. 2.2kg (including battery)

    • Defibrillator body (1)
    • Carrying bag (1)
    • Adult defibrillation electrode (1 set)
    • Rechargeable battery (1)
    • Korean User's Manual (1)