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    Automatic Defibrillator(CU-SP1)
    A medical device that resuscitates the heart of a patient with cardiac arrest through electric shock.
    • Efficient e-cube Biphasic method
    • Monitoring function and notification function for pad attachment status
    • Self-diagnosis function (daily, weekly, monthly) to check the abnormality of the equipment body
    • LCD monitor that can inform users of equipment status (equipment, pad, battery)
    • Automatic volume control function according to ambient noise
    • Pads are stored in together with the main body, and the pad expiration date can be recognized by the equipment.
    • It should be available to children without changing pads, and can be adjusted by changing the keys for adults and children.
    • Korean voice guidance can be changed to suit the user with expert guidance and non-expert guidance
    • Comply with AAMI DF80 guidelines and AHA recommendations for adult defibrillation.
    • Operation method: semi-automatic
    • Output energy: 200J 50Ω for adults / 50J 50Ω for children
    • Output Waveform: e-cube Biphasic
    • Charging time: within 6 seconds (based on applying electric shock at the first use)
    • Voice guidance: detailed Korean voice guidance for electric shock and CPR
    [Large capacity battery]
    • Type: 12V DC 4,200 mAh Lithium Manganese Dioxide Disposable
    • Capacity: 200 electric shocks delivered for first use or 8 hours of continuous operation available (at room           temperature)

    • Defibrillator body (1 unit)
    • Carrying bag (1)
    • Adult pad (1 set)
    • Disposable battery (1 unit)
    • External storage device card (1EA)
    • User's Manual (1EA)