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    Burn Treatment Set(BurnFree)
    It is a product that is applied directly to the burned area in case of severe burn patients, and the hydrogel minimizes damage to the burn area.
    - The hydrogel created by Burnfree's unique technology should be able to cool the heat of the burned area and create a moist environment to minimize damage to the burned area.
    - Relieve the patient's pain and allow the patient to remain calm.
    - The dressing (pad) should use the absorbency of the polypropylene foam developed by Burnfree and the gel should be abundantly and evenly contained in the foam.
    - Unlike the existing polyester gauze, the burn-free dressing must deliver a more abundant amount of hydrogel to the wounded area to have excellent heat absorption and cooling effects.
    - It is necessary to prevent contamination and infection from external harmful environments to minimize infection at the burn site.
    - It must be a product that has obtained FDA, EC, KFDA approval, US patent certification, and European CE mark.
    - It consists of various sizes and configurations, so it should be possible to purchase the product individually depending on the size of the application site and as needed.
    - When delivered, the expiration date must be at least 30 months from the delivery date.

    - Gel type: 3.5g
    - Image pad stand: 10x10cm
    - Among the image pads: 30x30cm
    - Small image pad: 20x20cm

    - 3.5g Gel Type(6)
    - 10x10cm (3)
    - 30x30cm(2)
    - 20x20cm(2)
    - Sterile Bandages (2)
    - Carrying Bag (1)