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    Airway Secure Set(Intubation Kit)
    Airway securing set to secure and maintain the airway of a suffocating patient
    - The laryngoscope should be equipped with a lamp to allow observation of the patient's airway, and an intubation tube and airway retainer should be available if necessary.
    - Items must be set in a carry bag.
    - Dual LED Light Blade - By using a blade with UV LED and White LED attached, it is necessary to eliminate the phosphorescence phenomenon that occurs in the vocal cords and also to reduce the reflected light in the airway to secure a high-resolution view.
    - High-brightness lighting is possible by using a 4.5 volt battery suitable for LED light, and it should have a longer lifespan than the existing battery.
    - Handle Material: Aluminum Steel handle
    - Light : Dual LED Light (UV/White)
    - Blade type: Macintosh type (size 1, 3, 3.5)


    - Laryngoscope set for securing airway: consists of 3 blades (large/medium/small) and 1 handle
    - Airway intubation tube: 1 set of 6 each size
    - Nasal Airway Retainer: Consists of 1 set of 6 for each size
    - Airway: Gudell type, consisting of 6 pieces per size
    - Adhesive tape (1)
    - Syringe 50cc(1)
    - Pocket Mask (1)
    - Tube holder (1)
    - Stylet Adult (1)
    - Bag (1) * Size: 33 X 26 X 9cm