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    Laryngeal tube(LT(S))
    Emergency airway maintenance kit for rapid airway maintenance without using laryngoscope and used to secure airway during surgery
    - Single-use transparent silicone tube is inserted between the oropharynx and esophagus to allow breathing.
    - S-shaped tube for rapid removal from the trachea enters the oral cavity and precisely blocks the esophagus
    - Leak pressure of LTs tube is 32mmH2O, which is higher than LMA 18-20mmH2O, making airway stability high.
    - Precise insertion is possible without any additional tools and does not irritate the vocal cords and bronchi
    - When inserting the tube, it is marked with a thick line on the middle to set the depth. If necessary, you can adjust the depth of the tube between the thin lines above and below the thick line.
    - It is located in the front of the larynx for effective ventilation and enables bronchoscopy using suction and fibrescope.
    - The inserted tube is placed in the oral cavity and the oropharynx connected to the nose is closed.
    - No need for the patient to open their mouth wide during use
    - No need to move the patient's head significantly during insertion (either Extended Position or Neutral Position is possible)
    - Less trauma to the Airway, no bleeding when the tube is removed
    - Lower incidence of Sore Throat than laryngeal mask
    - High Volume Cuff
    - Two cuffs are connected to each other, so one inflation tube is used
    - No need to use laryngoscope
    - Various sizes from infants to adults
    - More efficient and easier to use than laryngeal mask
    - Can be sterilized and reused
    - Suction is possible while maintaining airway

    - Size : Choose from #0, 1, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5
    - Apply the size according to the patient's age and height
    * Size 0 : New-Bornless 5kg / Transparent / 10ml Air
    * Size 1 : Infant from 5~12kg / White / 20ml Air
    * Size 2: Child from 12~25kg / Green / 35ml Air
    * Size 2.5 : Child 125~150cm / Orange / 45ml Air
    * Size 3 : Teenager and Small Adult, less 180cm height / Yellow / 60ml Air
    * Size 4 : Medium Adult 155~180cm height / Red / 80ml Air
    * Size 5: Large Adult more than 180cm height / Purple / 90ml Air
    - Material: Silicone

    - Manual (1)
    - Tube holder (1)
    - Syringe (1)
    * Provided with customized injection volume according to the required air for each tube
    - LTS tube (1)
    * Set can be configured according to the type of tube size required
    - Tube case (1)