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    Automatic Oxygen Resuscitator (portable)(EM-100)
    A portable product that has a simple structure, compact size, and lightweight, and is convenient to use as a device to revive the breathing of a patient
    - Oxygen supply must be possible.
    - Assistant range for breathing assist function: 0~15Lpm
    - During artificial respiration, there must be a function to automatically adjust the breathing rate per minute by detecting the condition of the patient's lungs regardless of adult, child, or infant. (Patient attenuation method)
    - After detecting the patient's end of exhalation, the inhalation process begins and there should be no filling phenomenon (accumulated breathing).
    - In the process of exhalation, the supply of oxygen is stopped and the function to extend the use time as much as possible(use time 15 minutes or more)
    - Depending on the patient's airway resistance, it should be possible to control the pressure of the supplied oxygen (25-50cmH2O).
    - It must have the ability to switch between oxygen and artificial respiration with one touch function.
    - When the patient's airway is not kept open, there should be a visual and audible alarm function.
    - Must be able to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) at the same time while supplying oxygen continuously.
    - During exhalation, there must be a PEEP function that maintains a constant positive pressure +2~4 cmH2O inside the lungs.
    - In order to prevent abdominal bloating caused by an instantaneous oversupply of oxygen, it must be able to keep the oxygen supply volume under 40 liters per minute.
    - When patient vomits, the filter must be replaced immediately to enable continuous use.
    - In accordance with the KS standard, it must be resistant to dropping and submersion and sterilize in boiling water.
    - It must be a product that meets international quality standards for ventilators.
    - Has FDA, KFDA, CE, TUV safety approval or Korean, European, US patent certification
    - The product is declared (permitted) for manufacturing (imported) medical devices.
    - It must be available in connection with an oxygen mask or airway maintenance.

    -Product weight: Approx. 8 kg (±5%)
    -Product size: about 55×34×12 cm (±3%)

    -Oxygen cylinder/Aluminum 2.8L(1)
    -Resuscitation body (1)
    -Regulator (1)
    -Oxygen hose (1)
    -Oxygen mask (1 adult/1 child)
    -Manual aspirator (1)
    -Filter (5)
    -Oxygen charging hose (1)
    -Carrying bag (1)
    -Test lung (1)
    -Manual (1)
    -Product test report (1)