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    Fluid Warmer(Buddy Lite)
    Buddy Lite Fluid Warmer is a device that safely and conveniently supplies warmed fluid or blood to the patient with an efficient heating system.
    - The Buddy Lite Fluid Warmer is a device that warms blood, blood preparations, and intravenous fluids and injects fluids or blood to maintain the body temperature (36.5~37.5℃) to prevent hypothermia in patients.
    - Monitoring / Alarm System
    * Over Temperature
    * Low Temperature
    * No Heating / No connection of Heating unit
    * Low Flow
    * Over Current
    * Probe Fault
    * Empty Set / Air Detection
    * System Reset
    - Technical Specifications
    * Operating conditions
    Infusion rate and temperature: up to 80 ml/min (20°C), 50 ml/min (10°C)
    Release rate and temperature: Max 80ml/min Min 36℃, Max 40℃
    · Maximum heating capacity: up to 150 Watts
    · Maximum line pressure: 300 mmHg, monitored by pressure sensing valve
    * Operating Panel
    · On / Off switch
    Equipment status indication with LED lamp
    * Safety device and monitoring function
    · Abnormal temperature detection: Detects abnormal temperature (too low or high) to induce injection speed adjustment
    · Line pressure: Pressure regulator (mounted in the consumable set) allows up to 300 mmHg and prevents pressure build-up above 300 mmHg

    - Body size: 8.41 cm x 19.11cm x 3.11 cm
    - Body weight: 0.73 kg
    - Heating unit size: 3.81 cm x 13.21 cm x 2.21 cm
    - Heating unit weight: 0.1 kg
    - Power: Power: 14.4 VDC input

    - Body (1)
    - User Manual (1)