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    Equipment to accurately diagnose the patient's brain condition by objectively measuring the presence or absence of pupil abnormalities
    NPi-200 Pupillometer (Main Equipment)
    - Measures the pupil size and response of patients who require neurological pupil examination.
    - Portable optical scanner.
    - Displays two numerical changes in pupil size.
    - Provides infrared technology that objectively and accurately measures the pupil size and response of critically ill patients with nerve damage.
    - Sends test records to the Emergency Room Electronic Recording (EMR) system using an Omnikey reader.
    - Easy-to-use touch screen LCD with a comfortable ergonomic design.
    - It is a screen where you can simply enter the patient identification number (ID).
    SG-200 Smart Garud (one-time inspection guard)
    - One-time inspection guard with Smart-Card technology
    - All patient data is stored in Smart Guard memory.
    - Support uploading patient data to EMR system
    SGR-01-5022 SmartGuard Reader by Omnikey (EMR computer system)
    - Automatic upload of patient data from SmartGuard.

    - Power : 3.7V3350 Amp/hour Li:ion Cell (battery)
    - Operating temperature: 18~30℃ / Operating humidity: 20~70%
    - Storage temperature : 0~75℃ / Storage humidity : 10~95%
    - Size : 18.75 X 8.75 X 11.25cm (H X W X D) - With SmartGuard
    - Weight: 320g (±10g)

    - NPi-200 main unit 1
    - Smart Gurard Rearder 1
    - Smartguard 1box(25ea)