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    Chest Compressor(LUCAS3)
    Equipment to continuously perform CPR on patients with cardiac arrest
    - It must be a setting suitable for AHA2020 guidelines
    - With the battery as the main power, the remaining battery level display is checked, and it must be replaced immediately when exhausted.
    - All components can be stored in a bag (backpack) and must be loaded for immediate use when moving to the field
    - Just by pressing the power button, the chest compression bellow will come down to an appropriate position on the patient's chest so that the chest compression position can be assessed.
    - Chest compression method should have 30:2 mode and Continuous mode
    In 30:2 mode, an interval of about 3 seconds occurs after 30 compressions, and an alarm sounds from 27 times to inform the timing to perform rescue breathing
    - The chest compression depth should be at least 5 cm and the compression time should be at least 100 times per minute.
    - Even if the equipment is stored in a bag, it should be possible to charge it from the outside
    - A suction cuff should be constructed to minimize the distortion of the chest compression position.
    - The main body has a wrist fixing device to fix the wrist of an unconscious patient to transport in a stable position.
    - The Stabilization Strap attached to the device can be hung around the patient’s neck to fix the device, and it should be possible to use it by fixing it to the patient even on an inclined plane (minimize HandsOffTime).
    - When the battery is fully charged, the duration should be at least 45 minutes.
    - The battery is a rechargeable lithium polymer type, and the weight should be about 0.6 kg.
    - The one-touch clip method makes it easy to attach and detach the back plate and the body quickly.
    - It should be possible to review data and events as it has Wi-Fi, and to be able to send it by e-mail.
    - Can set the CPR speed in steps of 102, 111 or 120 times.
    - When performing artificial respiration after CPR, the chest compressions should be released automatically so that the chest can sufficiently inflate.
    - CPR should be able to control the depth of chest compressions. (1.8 or 2.1 inches/±0.1)
    - Must have a manikin for testing.

    * Size
    - Assembly (HxWxD): 22.0x20.5x9.4 inches/ 56x52x24cm
    - Carrying Case (HxWxD): 22.8x13.0x10.2inches/58x33x26cm
    * Weight
    - Unit with battery (without strap) :17.7lbs/8.0kg - Battery:1.3lbs/0.6kg

    - 1 body
    - 2 batteries
    - 1 back plate
    - 2 suction cuffs
    - 1 adapter
    - 1 bag
    - 1 patient fixing strap
    - 1 set of wrist fixing straps
    - 1 instruction manual
    - 1 AMBU SAM manikin