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    Automatic Infusion Pump(AUTO PC II)
    A device that continuously injects drugs at a constant pressure by applying pressure to the IV Bag as the pressure bag swells along with the operation of the device as the pressure bag that swells inside is located at the rear of the IV Bag.
    - Should be able to set the pressure easily with 3 operation buttons.
    - The pressure should be adjustable from 0 to 400 mmHg in units of mmHg.
    (Short Key: 1 step 5mmHg / Long Key: 1 step 10mm)
    - Has an LED window to show the set up pressure and the current pressure.
    - There must be a drug bag hanger and a drug bag support.
    - There should be a transparent cover to easily check the remaining amount and operation status of the drug.
    - There must be a cover locking device to close the cover.
    - There should be a ventilation switch so that pressure can be easily removed from the pressure bag after use.
    - A warning message according to an error should be displayed on the alarm and LED window.
    - If the pressure is higher than the set pressure by more than 20 mmHg, an alarm will sound and "Hi" should be displayed on the LED window.
    (Over Pressure: +20mmHg / Low Pressure: -20mmHg)-Sensor error, Air Leakage (alarm when pressure is high)
    - Can be used as a built-in rechargeable battery without an external power source.

    -Power: 100~220V, 50/60-Hz/ Rated Voltage DC 12V
    -Battery: Ni-MH battery (rechargeable) 14.7V, fully charged for 5 hours and used for 7 hours
    -Time to reach maximum pressure: 30 seconds
    -Maximum application amount (infusion or blood): 1,000ml
    -Size: 190(W) x 385(H) x 1030(D)mm
    -Weight: 1.9 kg

    -Main body-including battery (1)
    -Power adapter (1)
    -IV clamp (1)