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    Medical Aspirator(QinPot)
    This product is an aspirator used for suction. It sucks blood and body fluids by vacuum pressure supplied from an external suction source. It consists of a main body, a liner, and a connecting tube.
    - Hydrophobic filter : The filter outside the container is protected by the primary filtering of the check valve's non-return filter and secondary filtering of the built-in ambulance or the entire pipe of the hospital.
    Easy operation: On-Off with one touch
    Quick setting: one-handed preparation
    Hygienic: Hydrophobic's antibacterial properties
    Built-in Check Valve: Left and right position changeable
    Transparent and strong Canister: Check the contents through the Slit window
    Dual Safety: Hydrophobic Backflow Prevention
    Separate On-Off Lever: One-touch On-Off
    Pressure Control Lever Lock System: Able to maintain constant pressure
    Suction Source Recommended Dosage
    - Terminal flow rate: ≧40L/min (0 °C, 1atm)
    - Suction pressure: -40kPa to -95kPa
    Patient-side recommended suction tube
    - Inner Diameter: 6mm or more
    - Length: less than 3m

    - QinPot
    Due to its small size, it can be installed at the bedside
    Dimensions (mm): 122(W) × 143(L) × 277(H)
    Weight (g): 1,250
    - QinPot Liner (50pcs/box) 1L
    Size (mm): 420(W) × 310(L) × 270(H)
    Suction pressure adjustment range: 0 to 60 kPa (maximum suction pressure in emergency: -80 kPa)
    Pressure regulator accuracy: ±10% of set pressure
    Waste oil storage capacity: 1000mL

    - Body (1)
    - Liner (3)
    - Suction tube and catheter (3)