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    Patient Classification Table(DMAT-TT)
    Used for recording patient information and treatment details in the case of disaster.
    - It is consisted of three sheets and 2 sheets of carbon papers are to record at the same time.
    - There is a table that can indicate the severity of the patient even on the carbon paper.
    - On the front side, there is a part where you can record the treatment history by classifying it into before and after transfer.
    - There is a section where classifier, classified time, patient status and patient information can be recorded.
    - Death, urgent, emergency, and non-emergency colored paper is designed to be able to be removed by hand.
    - A plastic case can be put on to protect the sheet.
    - A necklace is included for hanging around the neck.

    - Size: Width 10.5cm * Length 19cm

    - Patient classification sheet (100)
    Plastic case (100)
    Necklace (100)