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    Patient Classification Band (DMAT-TBK)
    Used to classify patients according to their severity, cut them to an appropriate length, and tie them to the wrist or ankle for marking in disasters
    - In the event of a fatal accident due to a large-scale disaster or disaster, the degree or condition of the patient's injury is quickly identified and the patient's injury level is shown.
    - After classifying the dead and the injured, and marking the serious and light injuries according to the degree of injury, transport or surgery should be carried out in the order of severity of the injury.
    - Instead of carrying a separate patient classification band, it is built into the bag to be cut by a certain length when in use.
    - Patient classification bands are marked as minor, delayed, immediate and morgue.
    - Each color contains a text according to the severity of the patient.
    - Made of strong material that is not easily damaged.
    - A safety knife is attached to the right side of the bag, so it can be conveniently cut to an appropriate length and tied to the patient's wrist or ankle.
    - If it is difficult to use a knife, the band can be cut by hand by applying force.
    - Waterproof
    - Each belt can be purchased separately.
    - Can be used as a waist bag.

    - Band size: 3cm * 19m
    - Bag size: 22 * ​​14 * 7cm (W * H * D)
    - Belt material: PVC sheet
    - Bag material: Polyester 600D

    - Red (Emergency, IMMEDIATE)(1)
    - Yellow (Emergency, DELAYED) (1)
    - Green (Non-Emergency, MINOR)(1)
    - Black(dead, MORGUE)(1)
    - Waist Bag (1)
    - Safety knife (1)