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    IV Injection Trainer (MES-IV)
    A realistic model which can practice blood-gathering and an intravenous injection
    Manufacturer : Meskorea Inc., Korea

    • Made of silicon same as real skin
    • Practice blood-gathering and an intravenous injection
    • Leave no trace of injection
    • Colorfastness regardless of long-term using and outstanding durability
    • Artificial vessel inside the silicon pad (100X140X10mm, made of silicon)
    • Blood storage bags made of PVC are wrapped in pocket
    • Available to fix this product to manikins or human body with velcro
    1. An intravenous needle (silicon)
    2. A blood storage bag
    3. A storage bag
    4. An artificial blood (100ml)
    5. 3 of syringes for training