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    CU-SP1 Trainer (CU-SPT)
    Automatic Difibrillator for medical education (cannot be used in actual emergency situation)
    Manufacturer : CU Medical Inc., Korea
    Distributor : Meskorea Inc.

    ** This product is only for medical education. It cannot be used in actual emergency situation.

    • Adaptable to every manikin
    • Simulates all the functions of the CU-SP1 
    • 8 standard Rescue Scenarios by remote controller
    • Reusable pads only for training
    • Provides phased Guide with text & voice
    • Operating with 6 of AA battery (disposable or rechargable)
    • Updated electric shock and CPR protocol in compliance with 2010 CPR Guidelines

          Marking function : Indicating step of difibrillation by audio guidance and lamp

    • Disposable (or rechargable) AA battery - 6 units
    • Max. 8 hrs available for new disposable batteries

          Remote control
    • Power Off, Pad On/Off, Low Bat, Volume Control, S1~S8 (scenarios)

          Parts & Accessories
    • Device, Training Pads(1), Remote Controller(1), AAA Battery(2), Carrying case(1), AA Battery(6), User’s manual(1)

           Refer to below catalogue (DOWNLOAD)