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    CU-HD1 Trainer (CU-HDT)
    Training device for use of difibrillation and ECG monitoring pacer, paddle (cannot be used in actual emergency situation)
    Manufacturer : CU Medical Inc., Korea
    Distributor : Meskorea Inc.

    ** This product is only for medical education. It cannot be used in actual emergency situation.

    • Difibrillator
          - Output waveform : E-cube biphasic (BTE type)
          - Output energy : Manual mode (select 1~200J) / AED mode (200J)
    • Available to stick pads on every manikin
    • NIBP, SpO2
    • ECG Monitoring (3-Lead ECG)
    • Pacing mode
    • Synchronized cardioversion
    • Arrhythmia
          - NSR
          - VF (Coarse, Fine)
          - VT (Wide-QRS Tachycardia, 160 or 200 BPM)
          - Bradycardia
          - Asystole
          - SVT (Supraventricular)
    • No actual electric shocks (Trainer)
    • AC Power : Input(100-240VAC, 50-60Hz), Output(18VDC, 5A / 12VDC, 0.5A)

        Size : 326 X 253 X 356mm (W X L X H)  Weight :5 kg

    • Device (including battery), Disposable difibrillation pad (adult) Disposable ECG electrode (1 pack), 3 Lead/10 Lead ECG cable, SpO2 probe, SpO2 extended cable, NIBP (Adult, paediatric, infant) cuff, NIBP extended cable, Printer paper (5 rolls), AC Power adaptor, Power code, external recording card (2GB), Card reader slot, Test load, CU-EX2, case, User's manual, remote control

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