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    [COVID-19] SEASUN AQ-TOP (RT-PCR) Rapid Test KIT (test in 30minutes!!!)
    RT-PCR covid-19 detection unbelievably fast in 30 minutes ACCURACY AND RAPIDITY
    • Detection of 1 target gene (N gene) recommended by WHO Protocols
    • Increased sensitivity and specificity based on PNA probe detection system
    • Rapid detection of 1 target gene in ~30 minute (Multiple analysis 94 samples per PCR run 
    Detection Time :   ~ 30 min  
    Specimen :   sputum, bronchoalveolar lavage fluid, oropharyngeal or nasopharyngeal smears  
    Target gene :   N gene  
    Product composition : AQ_2X Reaction Buffer, AQ_EnzymeMix,
                                        AQ_ReactionMix, AQ_PositiveControl, AQ_NegativeControl  
    Sample per run :   up to 94 samples at once  
    PCR instrument : CFX96 Real-time PCR detection System (Bio-Rad),
                                 ABI 7500 Real-time PCR instrument system(Thermo Fisher Scientific)