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    Recommended for small clinics including dental clinics. Compact design maximizing usability and convenience.
    Product : Plasma Sterilizers (Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizers)
    Manufacturer : Healthwell Medical, Inc.
    Manufacturer Country : KOREA

    This product generate vacuum plasma inside the sterilization chamber to add Hydrogen Peroxide gas, which will decompose into OH radicals. These OH radicals kill microorganisms on the medical instruments which are heat and moisture sensitive. After sterilization, only water and oxygen will be left inside the sterilization chamber. And you can use the instruments immediately once the sterilization process is completed. Unlikely other sterilization technologies using harmful gases, a long process of removal of residual gas is not necessary.

    Ideal for small medical institutions such as dentistry, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, and veterinary hospitals Designed to ensure user convenience and space efficiency with or without exclusive cart option.

    1. Easy to use
     You can start/cancel/control the sterilization process by simply pressing the key buttons. The selected 
     sterilization cycle will be progressed automatically and you can monito relevant information such as
     sterilization conditions, progress status, error messages from the display.

    2. Automatic notification system for regular maintenance
     This product automatically notifies the replacement period for consumables such as pump oil, oil mist
     trap  and air filter. It displays an error message to replace the consumable once it reaches 250 cycles.
     If the consumable is not replaced until it reaches 300 cycles, it will stop operation to prevent further
     equipment failure.

    3. Built-in self-test
     When a malfunction occurs during operation, an error code is displayed by built-in self-test and
     the running cycle is terminated automatically for safety.

    4. Validation of Sterilization of HPS-30,50
     A PCD(Process Challenge Device) in accordance with EU standards(EN 867-5) is used for
     the validation  of sterilization of a dead-end lumen at the most difficult positions inside of
     the sterilization load.

    ­ -Test mode : Special Mode(Lumen Mode)

     -Lumen Size : HPS-30,50 (1∅×1,000mm(L), Teflon)


    Sterilizing Agent : Hydrogen Peroxide, 1Cycle/Cartridge
    Total Cycle Time : Smart Mode : 40min
                             Standard Mode : 48min
                             Special Mode : 56min
    Cycle Temperature : 45℃~60℃
    SAL(Sterility Assurance Level) : 10⎺⁶ (Bacillus)
    By-products : Oxygen and vapor water only
    Chamber : Shape : Rectangular
                              Material : Aluminum
                              Volume : Total : 30L
    Dimensions : Overall : 594×525×605(W×H×D)mm
                      Chamber : 340×240×395(W×H×D)mm
    Weight : 90kg
    Control : 32bit Micro Processor
    Cycle Information : 2.7” (OLED) Display, Printer
    Electrical : AC 220-230V~, 50/60Hz, Max 2.7kw
    Installation Requirements : Front : 100cm
                                       Rear, Left side, Right side : 5cm
                                       Placement : Built-in wheels provide mobility(Option Cart)
    Room Conditions : Use Environment : 10~40℃, 30~75%RH
                              Installation Environment : -20~60℃, 0~95%RH
    Printer : Built-in Thermal Printer(Brief Mode / Detail Mode)
               Cycle Parameters(Temp, Pressure, Time, Daily&Total Cycle, etc)
    Cart(Option) : 613×665×850(W×H×D)mm
    * Total cycle time may vary depending on the conditions of the sterilization load such as
      instrument type, quantity, dryness and so on.


    ● Sterilant Cartridges
       (Hydrogen Peroxide 50%)
       1 cartridge/cycle
    ● Packing
        Tyvek Pouch
        SheetImpulse Sealer
    ● Maintenance*
        Vacuum Oil
        Oil Mist Trap

    *Recommend to be changed every 250 cycles. However, the number of cycles can vary according to daily practices of users in terms of sterilization loads(types, quantity, moisture content) and frequency of sterilization and etc.

    ● Sterilization Monitoring
        CI(Chemical Indicator) : to monitor if the sterilization loads are exposed to H2O2 by a color change.
        BI(Biological Indicator) : to monitor if the sterilization is successful by an incubation of bacillus.
    ● Exclusive Cart(Option)HPS-30 : 613×665×850(W×H×D)mm