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    Special Military First Aid Bag(MES-MB102)
    By applying the concept of an international standard specialized emergency kit, it provides an optimal first aid response environment in the field in case of various emergencies like basic lifesaving
    • Has an 8-tier storage space that can react to any emergency situation reflexively and can be transformed.
    • Basic equipment necessary for emergency rescue should be placed in the bag with a separate structure so that it   can cope with an emergency situation.
    • Has basic insulation function inside the bag.
    • The top of the bag has two storage spaces of 20*20cm to store ampules and small devices.
    • Has name tag storage pocket at the top of the bag.
    • On the front part of the bag, there is one 40*25cm inner storage space and one external storage space.
    • The bag can be used in the form of a backpack, tote bag, or shoulder bag.
    • Must be waterproof and have an external waterproof pack attached.
    • 100% domestically produced product.
    • One year free A/S and quality guarantee must be provided.
    • Must have manufacturer's supply certificate. 

    • Size : 58cm * 42cm * 27cm (W * L * H)
    • Weight : 4kg
    • Material : US CORDURA